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How to be active in the Chamber

No time to be active in the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce? Let us show you how!

In less than two hours, you can:

  • Attend one of the Chamber’s Lunch meetings and participate in the Member Exchange Table and Round Robin Networking.
  • Attend a Goldmine Referral Group meeting and speak about your business while learning about fellow Chamber Member businesses.
  • Attend an after-hours Networking Reception and make new business contacts.
  • Visit the Chamber’s Annual Community Expo and support fellow Chamber Member businesses.
  • Participate on a Chamber planning committee – a great way to network even closer with fellow business leaders while working together for the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Attend a New Chamber Member Ribbon Cutting and show your Chamber support!
  • Become a Chamber Ambassador at various Chamber events – greeting at the door, working the registration table or helping to cut a NEW Chamber Member business ribbon!
  • Participate with a fellow Chamber Member in the Chamber Small Business Mentoring program.

In one hour or less, you can:

  • Email the Chamber a discount/special service for your business to be included in Chamber’s member-to-member discount program.  Check the list before you go shopping! ABC – Always Buy Chamber!
  • Invite a fellow Chamber Member to have coffee and talk business.

Even if you have no time to get involved, the Chamber offers:

  • Business referrals from the Chamber’s membership directory, as well as direct referrals from the Chamber Office in response to inquiries received at the Chamber office.
  • Money-saving benefits available to members only, such as a credit card processing plan, group rates on health insurance plans, and a worker’s compensation plan.
  • Display your business literature in the Chamber Brochure Rack at the office and have exposure to hundreds of visitors who stop by the office each year.
  • Use the Chamber’s conference room to meet a customer or fellow Chamber Member and discuss business.
  • Update your membership directory listing, which displays on our website.