Why Join?


A Local Resource

Gain access to our business community by joining the Chamber. You will meet fellow business leaders first-hand with whom you can potentially do business.

A LOCAL Chamber of Commerce can also be used as an educational and training center for businesses in the community. We often sponsor events offered to members at a discount, such as seminars run by experts in sales and marketing, technology, or other niche topics relevant to many business owners.

Joining a local chamber of commerce has long been recommended for small businesses, particularly those who serve local markets with their products or services. This can help you build professional business relationships in the community.

Our goal is to help businesses sell, grow and find customers in the community. We are able to do this by being dialed into the community needs and sharing information through channels such as, social media, business relationships, and best practice advising.

Top 10 Reasons to Join

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1. Networking and Business Contacts

Did you know that networking is the NEW cold call? Networking and new business contacts to help your business grow.  With 300+ members representing thousands of area employees, the Chamber speaks with a strong voice for our business community.

2. Members Only Money Saving Benefits

Health Insurance Plan, Workers Comp Group Plan, Credit Card Processing Plan, Business Development/Leadership Training Plan, Health & Wellness Plan and Health & Wellness Plan/Retail Products.

3. Member-to-Member Discounts

Discounts and benefits through our M2M program to help you save money while supporting a fellow Chamber Member Business.

4. Leadership & Professional Development

Learning opportunities through our workshops to help you run a smarter, more profitable business.

5. Community Commitment

We offer scholarships and host the Community EXPO and Health EXPO every year.  Business and Citizen Awards.

6. Referrals

The Chamber of Commerce gives member referrals daily. 

7. Publicity and Exposure

Publicity and heightened name recognition so customers know who you are through our website and business Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page.  You will also have the opportunity to put your business cards/flyers in the Chamber Member brochure rack at the Chamber Office AND on the Member Exchange Table at the monthly luncheon meetings.

8. Marketing and Advertising

Targeted and affordable advertising through Chamber publications plus discounts through various local media to help you advertise your business effectively on a small budget.

9. Relationship Building Opportunities

Goldmine Referral and Networking Groups, Early Bird Networking Receptions,  Round Robin Networking at the Chamber Luncheons and Falls After Five Networking Receptions provide many opportunities for business contacts.

10. Credibility

Credibility to make a statement that you are committed to the future of the Cuyahoga Falls business community.  Tell your customers you are a proud Member of the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce!

Get Your Moneys Worth

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Attend our Monthly Luncheon Meetings, Falls After Five Receptions, Goldmine Networking Sessions, Early Bird Breakfast Receptions, Business Roundtable Network and Welcome Coffees. Always great networking opportunities!

Sponsor Events

This is great exposure for you and your business! Sponsorships start as low as $75 and up to fit every budget.

Signup For Discounts

Sign your company up for the Member to Member Discount Plan! Members love to do business with each other! ABC – Always Buy Chamber!

Take advantage of our discounted business benefits such as our  Health Insurance Plan, Workers Comp Group Plan, Credit Card Processing Plan, Business Development/Leadership Training Plan, Health & Wellness Plan and Health & Wellness Plan/Retail Products.

Join A Task Force / Committee

Service on chamber committees and/or the board can also help you build stature in your community. Even if your company doesn’t serve the B2B market, those networking connections can lead to referrals and potential partnerships that could take your business to the next level.


Display your business cards and brochures in the Chamber Lobby brochure rack. Residents, tourists, and business people visit the Chamber Office daily!

Bring your business cards and brochures to a Chamber Luncheon Meeting and pass them out during our Round Robin Networking with other business leaders. Also, as a Chamber Member you can display your business cards and brochures on the Member Exchange Table at the Luncheons.

Contribute To Our Newsletter

Submit your information for the Monthly Member Email Blast. Let us know when you hire someone, move your business or are recognized with an award. We will put this in the email blast. More exposure for you and your business!

Tell Your Customers

Tell your customers you belong to the Chamber of Commerce. Display your plaque in your place of business with pride! Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce is a comfort level for your existing customers and potential customers! It shows your support of and commitment to our business community!