October 2014 – Business Spotlight – Mary Kay Cosmetics/Pat King

October 2014 – Business Spotlight – Mary Kay Cosmetics/Pat King

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 OCTOBER 2014 WINNER – Mary Kay Cosmetics/Pat King

     Mary Kay Cosmetics/Pat King
I began building my Mary Kay business on February 1, 1993 and joined our Chamber of Commerce that same year!  My husband Cal was taking early retirement from the United Methodist ministry…We needed to purchase our own home, and that meant an added income!

     Mary Kay has worked out wonderfully for me as I can enjoy the flexibility of working from our home, scheduling appointments and earning an extra income.  I can also promote myself whenever I would like to!


October 2014 Spotlight  Mary Kay Cosmetics Pat King

I did promote myself to Director in 1997 and enjoyedthis Leadership level for 9 years..My father passed away suddenly in 2005 and had to step down in order to care for my mother, full time in our home for 3 years until her passing 2008.

Mary Kay Ash began Mary Kay Cosmetics on September 13, 1963…Our Company celebrated the 50th anniversary last year in Dallas, Texas, our Corporate Headquarters.

I was attracted to Mary Kay for many of the following reasons.

  1. Most important Priorities of God First, Family Second and Career third
  2. Flexibility of hours
  3. Unlimited income, generous 50% commission and discount
  4. No territories
  5. Many home based tax deductions
  6. Earn the use of a current year Chevy Cruze, BMW or Pink Cadillac
  7. Make long lasting friendships
  8. On going support and product knowledge training
  9. Low cost beginning investment of a $100 Starter Kit
  10. Being able to work from home, must be 18 to begin, no age limit
  11. Recognition in front of 10,000 Consultants, Directors, Nationals and our spouses at our yearly Seminar in Dallas. I also accomplished 9 years being recognized on Queens Court of Sales, earning 9 diamond rings


Please contact me at my personal email of pkingmkqueen@aol.com or my Personal Web Site at Mary Kay  www.marykay.com/pking1     for further information, to view all of our state of the art products, which come with a 100% customer satisfaction and has the Good Housekeeping  Seal of approval, almost all of our products are manufactured in Dallas, Texas…Many products from our sales give back to the Mary Kay Ash Foundation which helps to find cures for cancers in women and also funds many domestic violence shelters for women with several grants given out each year.