NEW Benefits – Chamber Members ONLY!

One of the many benefits of being a member in the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce is our money savings small business benefits package that is offered to Chamber Members only as the best benefit available.
We have recently added 3 NEW benefits.
BenefitsCuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce AFFINITY PROGRAM
If you are a current Cuyahoga Falls Chamber Member and interested in presenting a proposal to the Chamber of Commerce Member Benefits Committee PLEASE CLICK HERE to read our Affinity Program Agreement
Affinity Program Agreement



Business Development/Leadership Training Plan – The Ruby Group
Sandler Training @ The Ruby Group. With its emphasis on ongoing reinforcement training, role-playing, expert coaching, adult learning methodologies and quality support materials, Sandler Training is different from any other training the industry has to offer.  To learn more about taking your game to the next level and to find out about Member benefits CONTACT: Mike Jones at 330-926-9924 or via email at and


Health & Wellness Screening Plan – Gemcare Wellness

GemCare Wellness is the exclusive wellness program for Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce. We specialize in creating wellness programs that are mutually beneficial to the employee and the employer. Our certified health coaches focus on empowering and educating our members to take their health to the next level, thereby reducing health care costs to themselves and their employer.  We will construct a wellness program to best meet the employer’s needs, but our general wellness program offers:  telephonic health coaching to review each member’s health results and set goals with them, each member has their own GemCare Wellness web portal where they can track their progress on weight, nutrition, exercise, stress levels, and caloric intake (we have over 30,000 different foods ranging from different brands and restaurants in our database), our members-only website also includes access to our educational health information, interactive health challenges and community forums, and members do not have limits as to calling or communication with our health coaches. Contact Vice President/General Manager James K. Piper today at or 330-655-8350 for more information on our wellness programs and our Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce Preferred Member Discount!



Health & Wellness Products Plan – Wellness & Wealth by Choice 
YOUR WELLNESS CONNECTION – Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  There are many options you can seize to improve your desired level of wellness; most times this can be a confusing process.  “Your home is where your health is”.   Improve the quality of life for you and your family by creating your own healthy space in a toxic world and reduce your medical costs.  Clean air, clean water, quality sleep, earth’s energies, sunlight and nutrition are the building blocks you need to gain or maintain a healthy body.  For a free consultation and details of Chamber Members discount plan, contact Bob and Sue Gruber at 330-920-1590