May 2014 – Spotlight Winner – Wellness & Wealth by Choice

May 2014 – Spotlight Winner – Wellness & Wealth by Choice

May 2014 – Spotlight Winner Wellness & Wealth by Choice  

  • Drawings for the Chamber of Commerce business spotlight winners  happen at the Monthly Business Luncheon Meetings.  All current Chamber Members are eligible to drop a business card in the box to potentially win a 30 day business spotlight on the Chamber website.  Must be present to win.  

Wellness & Wealth by Choice
We are living in a time of healthcare and economic uncertainty.  The choices you make about being healthy today have an impact on you and your family forever.

Eight years ago, we experienced some serious health challenges. Not satisfied with the options offered, we took a more proactive approach looking to eliminate the cause of the problems through natural solutions.  We were introduced to a total wellness company called Nikken. With Nikken’s philosophy of achieving balance in the 5 Pillars of Health (healthy body, mind, family, society and finances), we were able to resolve our challenges by incorporating their natural technologies into our lives.

Our experience being profound and our new goal of making peoples’ lives better Wellness & Wealth by Choice took root. Since focusing on the necessities of life, clean air, healthy water, whole food nutrition, restorative sleep, and earth’s energies of natural light and the magnetic field, we have achieved an amazing quality of life we thought was slipping away. Most everyone wants to have good health, the finances to enjoy life and free time to spend with their loved ones. Humans want more out of life. Our corporate partner Nikken has a plan that can improve everyone’s lives, physically and economically. Take a closer look at what we can offer by visiting our web page.

Bob/Sue Gruber, Retired Educator/RN, AHMA  330-920-1590