March 2014 Member Spotlight Winner – AEDpeople

Congratulations to our March 2014 Chamber Member Spotlight winner.

  • One business card is drawn at the monthly luncheon meetings and the winner is featured on the Chamber website.

AEDpeople is a local company that equips businesses, churches, schools and other public places with lifesaving devices called automated external defibrillators. We are a community of local people who are committed to the widespread deployment of AEDs, while being the industry leader in AED-related resources and information. We are the local authorized distributor for all 6 brands of FDA approved AEDs currently on the market. We are able to offer our customers a choice in the brand of AED, as well as cost and features. Because we are a full-service AED company, we carry a full line of not only AEDs, but also AED accessories and supplies, such as pads, batteries, cases and cabinets. We are your one stop shopping for all your AED needs.


AEDpeople strives to be an unbiased resource for our customers. We do not have a brand specific agenda. All AEDs are FDA approved and all AEDs save lives. According to the American Heart Association, 325,000 people will die this year alone due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Every 97 seconds, someone dies from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The American Heart Association estimates that 40,000 lives could be saved each year if AEDs were more widely available in the United States.


What sets AEDpeople apart from the competition? We pride ourselves in unparalleled customer service with honesty and integrity. We are committed to our customers and will be a resource for them for years to come.


Are you prepared and trained to save a life? For more information, please call Marilyn McClure at (330) 353-9803. We are AEDpeople and we are helping people save lives one heart at a time. Please visit us on the Web at