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The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber serves as the gateway to the connections businesses need to thrive and for our community to prosper.

The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce hosts Signature Events that connect and socialize, provides Training and Education that grows business leaders so they may better grow their businesses, and secures Services & Benefits that save members money and increase their productivity.

Businesses rely on relationships to be successful. Business owners need the right relationships to realize their full potential. Finding and making those changes can be overwhelming. We serve as the gateway, hub, and bridge to the connections needed for businesses in any stage of growth to thrive.

Connecting and growing our business leaders through signature events and educational programming helps businesses to thrive and our community to prosper. When a business is active with the Chamber, they are not alone in their mission.

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Goldmine Referral Groups


The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber Goldmine Referral Group is the best business referral program in the area! Each week members conduct facilitated round-table meetings to build B-to-B relationships by exchanging business referrals, helping each other with their business, and discussing upcoming events.

Get Social

Our social community sets out to resolve complex issues by enabling members to connect, collaborate, and share—no judgement, just help.


Every time your business does something newsworthy, don't hesitate to shoot off a press release! We will pass on the announcement!

Celebrate Success

Chamber of Commerce Members are eligible to receive the Business Person of the Year Award and Member Business of the Year Award.

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