Goldmine Referral Groups – Join TODAY!

Goldmine Referral Groups – Join TODAY!

Goldmine Referral Groups are currently offered within the Chamber. These are weekly business referral groups that are represented by Chamber Member businesses in different categories. The meetings are round-table facilitated meetings with set questions to help relationship build, exchange business leads/referrals and opportunities for each group member to speak/present to the group and pass business cards/flyers weekly.

The goal is relationship building and business referrals.
If you are interested in signing up for a Goldmine Group seat/category please fill out/email your choice back.
We promise you will not be disappointed!  Member and non-member guests are always welcome to attend and check out any of the groups before joining.

REMINDER that our Goldmine Referral Group bad weather cancellation policy is:
Go to Click on school closings – if the Cuyahoga Falls schools are closed due to weather…we do not meet. Safety first! THANKS!

Thurs Golden Goldmine Berkshire Hathaway 2017April 2017
Thurday Goldmine 2018Tuesday Goldmine Donatos at Metropolis Popcorn OCT 2018

2018 Goldmine Meetings Schedule
Guests may attend each group 1x before joining us.

Goldmine logo

Tuesday LUNCH
Carriage Realty/Evening Star Insurance
3140 Bailey Road, Cuyahoga Falls
11;30 am – 12 pm order/eat lunch
12 PM – 1 PM meeting


Panera Bread / 689 Howe Ave., Cuyahoga Falls
8 AM – 9 AM


Ruoff Mortgage /70 West Ave., Tallmadge
8 AM– 9 AM

 Primerica / Toni Fry office – 727 Graham Road., Cuyahoga Falls
8 AM – 9 AM


Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce
Goldmine Referral Groups Updated Rules – UPDATED


To help each other grow our businesses and develop professionally. This is done by learning as much as possible about each other’s businesses. This way when we meet fellow business leaders who may need specific services we can share our knowledge of a fellow group member. Remember we are in the groups to help each other and not sell directly to everyone in the group.


Meetings Start Time/Tardiness:
Meetings start promptly at 8 am and end promptly at 9 am. We ask that group members arrive a few minutes early (to get coffee) or at 8 am sharp. Tardiness is disruptive to the group. If you are tardy you will not be given the opportunity to give your 60 second business commercial.

Attendance Rules:
I agree to maintain my Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce membership in good standing. I understand that I am entitled to exclusivity in one professional category and that I will be listed in our group’s brochure with that category. I agree to make every effort to attend weekly meetings and promote the growth and success of the group as a whole. I understand that if I miss more than 3 meetings in a QUARTER in the year that my membership in Goldmine Networking will be subject to review by the group and could lead to removal from your home base group and any cross over groups you participate in. This attendance policy is in full effect for both the home base and cross over groups you may be a part of and any actions taken by one of the groups based on attendance will be effective for all groups (If you are asked to leave your cross-over group based on attendance, the Chamber will also ask you to leave your home-base group). Changing groups is permitted if the seat is open but your attendance will be tracked in the original group until the facilitator is notified that you are changing to a new group, this means that the original group can ask you to leave if you stop showing up. If you are asked to leave a goldmine group based on attendance, you are not permitted to join another group for a period of 6 months and you must have a conversation with the Chamber CEO before you can join a new group if a seat is available. There are medical and business case (Accountants are not expected to be able to make all meetings during tax season) exceptions for attendance for members in good standing, exceptions need to be requested before they are needed (flexible with medical) to the facilitator and they will review with the chamber.


Group Presenters:
Each group member will have an opportunity to present their business to the group for up to 10-15 minutes with Q/A. This is a great opportunity. Please share something unique about your business and we encourage it to be interactive. If you have missed 3 meetings in the quarter you will not be eligible to present in that quarter or the next.


Group Breaks
As the meeting is only an hour long, breaks are strongly discouraged as it interrupts the flow of the meeting and makes it hard to stay on schedule. Please arrive early enough to get refreshments before the meeting starts and excuse yourself quietly if you need to leave the meeting.


Facilitator Responsibilities
The Goldmine Facilitator is responsible for attendance/sign in sheets, email reminders and the timeliness of the group as well as the business card book and 3-part lead sheets that are passed.  Facilitators will need to arrive early to the Goldmine Location and make sure the room is set up with tables and chairs as well as make sure the room is put back together and cleaned up before leaving.  They will a keep a positive and courteous atmosphere for the member participants. The facilitator will also help the members with their professional development within the group if guidance is needed.


Home-base Goldmine Seat/Category:
As a paid/current member in the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce you may participate in the Goldmine Group(s) of your choice as long as your seat/category is available.    Once you select a Goldmine group you then will declare this to that Goldmine Group that this is your Home-base Goldmine Seat/Category.  This protects your seat/category in this particular group.  Regular attendance is required to keep/maintain this seat/category.  If you do not show to meetings without any communication to the facilitator/Chamber Office your seat/category will be opened up. See full attendance requirements.


Cross-over Goldmine Seat/Category:
To be a cross-over Goldmine Member you have to pick and declare a “home-base” Goldmine Group. SEE ABOVE.  Once you have a home-base seat/category secured you may then cross-over into any of the other Goldmine Groups (with notice) as long as those seat/categories are open.  You may do this until another Chamber Member wants that same seat/category as their home-base seat/category.  At that time you will give up the cross-over seat/category.


Business Categories Descriptions/Rules:
We have business categories that need filled in the different groups. Each group is limited to one business category. There are times when you will be asked to split/share a category if you offer multiple services.  If your business category is filled we will do our best to find another Goldmine Group for you or add you to the wait list.  *If your seat/category is filled in all the Goldmine Groups we will add you to the list to start another group pending interest.  We will need your help in starting another group.  It takes a minimum of 10 Chamber Members to start a successful group.  *Please note you may be asked to share/split your seat/category with another Goldmine group member if you offer multiple services.   This is so that everyone has a chance to participate.  Examples: Mortgage Services/Banking, Ad Specialties/Printing, Financial Services/Insurance to name a few.  We thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this. Thank you for understanding.
SAMPLE CATEGORIESMortgage Services/Banking, Ad Specialties/Printing, Financial Services/Insurance,  Social Media Consultant, Ad Specialties/Apparel Wear, Auto Sales/Repair, Social Media Consultants, Advertising Agency, HR Consultants, Computer Services, Accountant /CPA, Attorney/Estate Planning, Nursing Home/Assisted Living, Retail Businesses, Payroll Services, Realtor, General Contractor, Copier Sales/Service, Title Company, Employment Services, Restaurants and Catering Services, Printing Services, Medical Professionals, Cellular,  Printer, Landscaper, Painter, Caterer, Telecommunications, Auto Repair, Auto Sales, Hospice, Funeral Home, Hair Salon, Massage Therapy , Payroll, Employment Services, General Contractor, Flooring, Plumber, Church, Florist, Cemetery Sales. And so many more!


Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Announcements


Introduction of Program – Facilitator


Attendance Policy – You may only miss 3 meetings per QUARTER to maintain your category/seat in the Goldmine Group – if you miss these meetings without any communication you will forfeit your category/seat.  We will be reporting absences at every meeting. Please let us know if you are not going to be at the meeting.
Business Card Book– This will circulate weekly.  Please make sure your cards are in it. Check weekly. Take cards!
Golden Referral Sheets– please fill out and put in the business card book – this is your ultimate referral.
1 to 1 Meeting Tracker– we will go around the room for the report – who has met? 15 minutes each offsite.
Goldmine Speakers/Presenters –Please sign up to speak at a future meeting for up to 15 minutes about YOUR business.  This is your time to shine and speak about what you do and about your industry.  Tell us the hot items, trends and statistics.
Goldmine Member Introductions –30 – 60 seconds each

My name is and I am with:

My services and products are:

I am the best at what I do/sell BECAUSE:
My Business Needs – 10 seconds

I need_____for my business. (Product or service.)   (Help with mission statement, website, and employee policies etc.)
A good referral OR introduction for me is:

I would like an introduction to:

Pass Referrals – Pass 3 part referral forms and report.

Referrals – we need to make sure we are bringing referrals for each other to the meetings and tracking these – we will read to the group weekly and follow up.
Testimonials: – 20 seconds 

Your opportunity to share a good experience about a fellow Goldmine Member/Chamber Member that you did business with.

I would do business again with this person BECAUSE:
Introduce Group Member Speaker/Presenter:
15 minute (approximate) presentationwith Q/A at each meeting.

Everyone in the group will have an opportunity to present to the group on their business.


Industry BUZZ WORD:  5 seconds

My business is UNIQUE because:  5 seconds

I get NEW customers and clients by: 10 seconds

Does anyone have a question for someone’s business in the group?

Name of a great business book to share with the group.


Next week’s group member SPEAKER/PRESENTER is: ______________________________

Please note from time to time we will do a NETWORKING ACTIVITY when we do not have a scheduled speaker/presenter.  Outside speakers welcome with advance notice to present on a beneficial business topic.


**Please note all Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce events will be photographed/videographed and published/printed/distributed on the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter pages (and all other social media outlets) and used in all Cuyahoga Falls marketing materials and advertisements that will be distributed and printed.