Cuyahoga Falls High School Starts Local Branch – Drug Free Clubs of America

Cuyahoga Falls High School Starts Local Branch – Drug Free Clubs of America

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Cuyahoga Falls High School Starts Local Branch – Drug Free Clubs of America
CUYAHOGA FALLS- On November 16th, nearly 300 students gathered at Cuyahoga Falls High School to be recognized by Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Walters, Police Chief Jack Davis, CFCSD Superintendent/CEO Dr. Todd Nichols, Stow Municipal Court Judge Lisa Coates, Cuyahoga Falls Rotary, Western Reserve Hospital, and school administrators for their commitment to being drug-free.
CFHS Students

The school recently started a local branch of Drug Free Clubs of America (DFCA). This program was spearheaded by Mental Health Coordinator, Rachael Muster, School Counselor, Rebecca Sparrow, School Resource Officer, Ed Dennis, Western Reserve Hospital, and a student leadership group. DFCA is designed to reward students for making good choices by providing rewards and privileges at school and in the community. To join, students obtain parents’ permission to take a drug test at school. Once enrolled, students receive a variety of privileges including free admission into athletic events at the school, food gatherings, a t-shirt that reads “I pee excellence,” and discounts at local businesses.

Ms. Muster quote: From the beginning, this organization has received overwhelming support from our administrators, superintendent, teachers, School Board, Rotary, parents, and community. This organization is a critical first step towards creating a drug-free culture in this building and ultimately our school district. I am proud of these students and grateful for the donations we have received to make this organization possible.

Quote: Miss Allison Bogdan, Administrative Principal at CFHS. “This is the most exciting program that we have implemented in the Falls in a decade. It is wonderful to provide students with the opportunity to celebrate the good choices they are making on a daily basis. With all the pressure on our young adults today, we are so proud that these students have stepped forward as role models in our school and community.”

Cuyahoga Falls High School is seeking an additional $20,000 in financial contributions to cover the cost of student membership fees, rewards, and incentives. They are also looking for local businesses to donate goods/services and offer discounts to student members.


2018 CFHS DFCA Sponsor Form

For additional information or to make a donation, please contact Rachael Muster at 926-3808 ext 502103 at
Cuyahoga Falls High School.


Dear Esteemed Business Owner,
Cuyahoga Falls High School has started a Branch of Drug Free Clubs of America and we need your help! Drug Free Clubs of America is a drug prevention program offering students the opportunity to voluntarily take a drug test in exchange for privileges and rewards at school and in the community. This club is a partnership between the CFCSD, the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department, and Western Reserve Hospital.

Many experts agree that the best prevention efforts involve the school, home, and community of teens. The multi-layer approach utilized by Drug Free Clubs of America accomplishes this through 5 purposeful program layers.

  1. Confidential Drug Test
  2. Positive Reinforcement
  3. Student Leadership
  4. Parent Support
  5. Education

Through this comprehensive approach, there is great potential to engage parents, create positive school cultures, and establish a caring, vigilant community. Community participation is a critical part of the DFCA strategy.  To date, we have had 266 students at CFHS join this organization. The more rewards there are in place for drug free teens, the more they do NOT want to miss out on DFCA membership.  Once they join they automatically become armed with the excuse of “I can’t, I might get tested” to escape drug-related situations.  Won’t you help us? I have enclosed a Sponsor Donation Form for your convenience and have set up a GoFundMe account to make transferring funds quick and easy. Please contact me at any time with questions!

“Without the active engagement of parentsstudentsteachersprincipals and community members in broad efforts to prevent substance use, curriculum programs alone are little more than ‘feel good’ Band-Aids on the problems of student substance use and abuse.” Joseph A. Califano, Jr., CASA President and former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare
Rachael L. Muster, M.Ed., LPCC-S, Mental Health Coordinator
333.926.3808 Ext. 502103,