Cuyahoga Falls Feature Section Advertising Opportunities

This special section will appear in the April
issue of Cleveland Magazine, promoting the best
that the City of Cuyahoga Falls has to offer residents
and visitors

Cuyahoga Falls is home to a wealth of shopping, dining
and entertainment options. It also has strong economic
development, vibrant business growth and city life stories
to tell.

This section in Cleveland Magazine features the Faces of
Cuyahoga Falls, celebrating the people and places that
make the city a great place to live, visit and do business.
Additional copies plus a linked digital edition of the
section will by used by the city to promote upcoming
events and benefits to the community.
Your advertising support helps make this annual section a
continued success.

• 33,000 copies appear in the April 2020 issue of
Cleveland Magazine, reaching a large Northeast Ohio
audience that is looking for a special experience that is
close to home.
DEADLINE: 01/27/2020
CONTACT: Jennifer Natale, 216-377-3728