Coffee & Contacts September 2015 Session

Coffee & Contacts September 2015 Session

Coffee and Contacts is a one hour MEMBERS ONLY networking session held in the Chamber of Commerce conference room. This is a great source for sharing your business information and developing relationships. Business cards and flyers/brochures are passed around during this fast paced session. There are a set of business questions that each participant has the opportunity to answer.  A Chamber Member facilitates the session.
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  • Coffee and Contacts Questions:
    These are the following are the questions we use in our session and everyone will have approximately 30-60 seconds to answer.
    At the start of the session everyone will pass around their business cards/flyers.

    Question: Your Name, Title, Company and how long have you been in your business? When was it founded?

    Question: What are your services or products?

    Question: What is your Mission Statement? How are you following it? What is your Tag Line?

    Question: Who is your ideal customer?

    Question: What makes your business unique?

    Question: How do you get NEW customers and clients?

    Question: What types of business that are represented here today do you want to spend more time
    with and possibly do business with in the future?

At the closing of the program we have an open format for testimonials.