Chamber Member Partnership-New Mexico Natural

Chamber Member Partnership-New Mexico Natural

Chamber Members –
The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce an exciting new offering that is through a partnership with Chamber Member New Mexico Natural Beef.  This offering is our 2011 Chamber fundraiser that will benefit the Chamber of Commerce AND the Chamber Scholarship Foundation while offering our Chamber Members a quality product at a great rate.

The value added benefits of New Mexico Natural Beef are many.
New Mexico Natural Beef is a locally owned and provides naturally raised, high-quality gourmet beef and delivers it right to your home. They own and maintain prime pastures and native grazing land in Animas, New Mexico where their cattle is fed from the healthiest and most pristine environment in the country. The cattle is raised on a nutritious diet of wholesome feed – no antibiotics, steroids or hormones on our ranch.

What does this mean for our Chamber Members?
New Mexico Natural Beef is a value added product that will always over deliver on taste, quality, value to the consumer and personalized service.

  • Great tasting, tender, hormone & steroid free dry aged USDA choice beef.
  • On a 1/4 cow order, the first delivery is 60 pounds and ships in mid-July and only requires 2 1/2 cubic feet of freezer space!
  • Beef prices are on the rise.  Ordering from New Mexico Natural Beef locks you in at our current prices, for example, on a full cow order, the 4th & final shipment is not until April, 2012.
  • This program is open to any and all friends, neighbors, co-workers and family of Cuyahoga Falls Chamber Members.  We encourage you to forward this email to people you know that may be interested.
  • Free range beef raised with their own outstanding alfalfa (no pesticides on it!) and finished with a diet rich in sorghum, more alfalfa, non-genetically altered corn, wild grasses and a touch of molasses for outstanding flavor & texture on every cut!
  • Dry aged 21 days and “fresh frozen” within two hours of butchering.  Each cut is individually cryo-wrapped and sealed for you.
  • Delivered right to your door for your convenience.

Interested?  More information here:





New Mexico Natural Beef
Joe Mersnik – 330-612-9437

We hope you will give consideration to participating in our Chamber fundraiser whether you make a purchase to help support the Chamber or if you are able to pass along the information to someone you know that would be greatly appreciated.  (Neighbors, friends, family or co-workers.)