2021 Board Nominations Accepted – Please Nominate!

2021 Board Nominations Accepted – Please Nominate!

Chamber Members –

When the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce has vacant seat(s) on the Board, they are filled with our Member candidates who have expressed interest and have been nominated by fellow Chamber Members. They must meet the following qualifications:

• Is an influential business leader with solid ethics with strong business/community involvement, and belief and understanding in the purpose and mission of the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber.
• Is committed to the Chamber with attendance and participation.
• Is available to attend the monthly meeting (second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m.) Is willing to chair a Chamber of Commerce planning committee.
• Representation and Positive Presence – we need leading business ambassadors and advocates within our community! Social media and public comments made should reflect positively on the City of Cuyahoga Falls, the Chamber of Commerce and fellow Chamber Members.
• Strategic Planning & Implementation – we need big thinkers and forward moving business leaders!
• Recruitment and Retention – we need your help in growing and retaining our membership!
• Financial Resources – we need your support with Chamber events and resources in fundraising events! Must be in good standing financially with the Chamber per Chamber By-Laws. Article III, section 3.4.
• Confidentiality agreement – must be willing to sign and adhere to as a Board Member.
• All potential Board Members who are not the Company Owner, CEO or President must have approval from the Company Owner, CEO or President to submit a Board Interest Form and/or be nominated for a seat on the Board.

September 24, 2020- 12 Noon – Chamber Office
The 2021 Board Member slate with potential Board Member Candidates will be presented to the membership for a vote at the November 17, 2020 Luncheon Meeting.
*Verbal nominations will not be accepted. This form must be completely filled out and submitted.

2021 Board Nominating Chair – Darlene Pinter, The Pinter Team
EMAIL: darlenejpinter@gmail.com

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2021 Board Nomination Form