2018 Year in Review for the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber

2018 Year in Review for the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber

2018 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce YEAR IN REVIEW
The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce celebrated 92 years as a successful Chamber of Commerce in 2018.
We are the second oldest Chamber in Summit County.  Your  small business success is our chamber’s business!
We THANK YOU for your continued support!

The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce started in 1926 with an innovative and creative group of business leaders just like you looking to do commerce with each other. Through the years the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce has evolved into the progressive and modern Chamber you are a part of today! We couldn’t be more proud!

We continue to assist our business leaders in understanding the processes involved on the many levels required for business growth which includes building beneficial relationships and helping to make small business connections. We serve as the catalyst to help our businesses network, which helps them with business introductions that help lead to business exposure, business referrals and business relationships.

The programs, events and services we provide for our Chamber Members are the best a Chamber can offer! We are sure you will agree!

We also serve as a visitor/relocation center and are also known as the one-stop place to call for all types of business information, business referrals, relocation information, visitor information and general information.  We never know who is going to call or stop by the Chamber Office. We are one of the busiest offices in town!

As we continue to promote, update and support our small businesses as we grow our community where we all do business and move forward to 2019 we would like to reflect on what a positive year 2018 was for us.  We thank you for being a big part of this success!

2018 Annual Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

Thank you,

Laura A. Petrella, CEO
Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce