2016 Executive Officers Elected/2016 Board Members Sworn In



Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce
2016 Executive Officers Elected / 2016 Board Members Sworn In  – Congratulations!

2015 Board President – Angela Colecchi, Neoshred passes the official Chamber of Commerce President’s Gavel and Robert’s Rules of Order to our incoming 2016 Board President – Kathy Romito, Western Reserve Hospital. Congratulations Kathy! We are looking forward to working with you and your professional leadership!
A very special thank you to Angela Colecchi, Neoshred for leading the Chamber as our Board President in 2015 for a GREAT year! Angela will also serve on the board for 1 more year of her 3 year term as a Board Member starting in 2016 and will help continue the success!

Congratulations to the 2016 Executive Officers for the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce as nominated and voted on by the 2015 Board of Directors at the December 8, 2015 Board Meeting. Chamber CEO Laura Petrella says: “Our elected Board Members and Executive Officers  are one of the highest professional honors a Chamber Member business achieves with us.  We are honored to be working side by side with these outstanding business leaders as they help to carry out the mission of the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce.”


2016 Executive Officers
Kathy Romito – Western Reserve Hospital

Brent VanFossen – Metropolis Popcorn
1st Vice President

Jim Pecchio  – Probe Technologies Ltd.
2nd Vice President

Aaron Barnhart – Westfield Bank              

Christine Petroff  – Peoples Bank

Congratulations to the 2016 Board of Directors for the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce as nominated and voted on by the general membership at the Annual Meeting/Luncheon on November 18, 2015. The 2016 Board of Directors were then officially sworn in by Mayor Don Walters at the 2015 Holiday Party at the SYB Banquet Hall.  Thank you to Mayor Don Walters for swearing in the 2016 Board Members! We appreciate your support!





FRONT ROW: Angela Colecchi, Neoshred, Laura Petrella, Chamber of Commerce, CEO, Kathy Romito, Western Reserve Hospital, Jake Ricker, PNC Bank, Russ Iona, American Mortgage Service Co.
BACK ROW: Jim Moses Stein, Minnesota Title Insured Agency, Jim Pecchio, Probe Technologies, Bob Gruber, Wellness & Wealth by Choice, Brent Vanfossen, Metropolis Popcorn, Greg Cook, Foot Traffic Solutions, Keith Viers, Ohio Savings Bank
Not pictured: Aaron Barnhart, Westfield Bank, David Fox, National Church Residences Bath Road and Christine Petroff, North Akron Savings Bank

2016 Board Members:
Aaron Barnhart – Westfield Bank
Angela Colecchi – Neoshred
David Fox – National Church Residences Bath Road
Bob Gruber – Wellness & Wealth by Choice
Russ Iona – American Mortgage Service Co.
Jim Pecchio  – Probe Technologies Ltd.
Christine Petroff  – Peoples Bank
Jake Ricker – PNC Bank
Kathy Romito – Western Reserve Hospital
James R. Stein  – Minnesota Insured Title Agency Inc.
Brent VanFossen – Metropolis Popcorn
Keith Viers – Ohio Savings Bank

Walter Davis – Woodridge Local Schools
Dr. Todd Nichols – Cuyahoga Falls City Schools
City Official


2016 Board Members Elected by Membership
The 2016 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce Board Member nominated slate with 9 Board Member Candidates were presented to the membership for a final vote at the November 18, 2015 Luncheon/2015 Annual Meeting at Silver Lake Country Club.  There were 4 open seats to be filled by election.

 Nominations for 2016 Board of Directors Candidates were accepted until September 30, 2015 – 12 Noon at the Chamber Office.  Each Nominated Candidate was contacted and asked to submit a mini-bio/photo by September 30, 2015 – 12 noon.  2016 Nominations Chairperson – Brent VanFossen, Metropolis Popcorn, Board Secretary.
The following Chamber Members were elected (for 3 year terms beginning in 2016) by the general membership to serve on the Chamber Board.  They will be officially sworn in on December 3, 2015 at the 2015 Holiday Party by Mayor Don Walters.

Re-Elected Board Members – 3 year term/2016 – 2018
Aaron Barnhart, Westfield Bank
Aaron Barnhart – I’ve spent the last thirteen years of my career in Retail Banking. My current role is VP, Retail Sales Manager at Westfield Bank where I’m responsible for sales efforts and training for our eight retail locations here in Northeast Ohio. Prior to Retail Banking, I spent five years as an officer in a different capacity; as a State Trooper for the Ohio Highway Patrol. I’m a graduate of the University of Akron with a B.S. in Business Administration /Finance. I also graduated from the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin. Westfield Bank is a community bank that prides itself in being big enough to meet customer needs yet small enough to know their names. In addition to my day-to-day responsibilities at the bank, I’ve served on the Board of Directors of the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce for the last three years in the role of Treasurer. I’m also an active member at The Chapel in Akron and have participated in a mission trip to South Africa.


Jake Ricker, PNC Bank
Jake Ricker of PNC Bank is an excellent example of an outstanding business leader, chamber member and honorable man. Jake is dedicated to the community and invests his personal time and talent to better Cuyahoga Falls. However, what sets Jake apart from so many others is his strong work ethic, commitment to others and kind hearted attitude. Jake embodies the phrase “service to others above self.” He is extremely compassionate, has a working knowledge of best business practices and leads by example. He is most certainly humble and acts only in the best interest of others and his community.  Jake has proudly lived in Cuyahoga Falls for 51 and is deeply invested in keeping Cuyahoga Falls one of the best places to live and work. He raised 4 beautiful children in the Falls and is advocate for the schools, neighborhoods and businesses. He is loved and adored by his family, friends and neighbors.  Jake is the longest standing Cuyahoga Falls Chamber board member. He stepped in to fill David Fox’s term ending in 2007, was then elected to fill an open seat with terms ending in 2012 and again in 2015. He also served as the chamber president by taking over the term of T. Dirker whose term ended in 2007. He was then re-elected to a 3 year presidential term ending in 2010. During those terms, Jake did an outstanding job of leading and representing the chamber. Jake was well respected by fellow board and chamber members. During past and present board terms, Jake takes an active role on the board. He is known for asking critical questions, opening dialogue on important topics, volunteering to help whenever and wherever needed. He champions the good works done by the organization and serves the membership well by welcoming new members, guests and speakers. He is always looking for ways to connect members and promote other businesses. Jake is known for his calm demeanor and helps to ensure that all chamber events and activities go smoothly whenever possible.  Jake has served on every single committee for the chamber and volunteered countless hours. He has served on the following committees: golf, Night at the Races, holiday party, membership, scholarship, Business Person of the Year and speaker’s committee. He has served as the chair for several of the committees and donates consider time ensuring their success. Having personally done business with Jake and PNC, I have firsthand knowledge of Jake’s role as a business leader. Jake is well liked, admired and respected by his staff, customers and fellow business leaders. He is committed to his customers and is often credited for going the extra mile. He understands the importance of building and sustaining business relationships, providing good customer service and being a mentor to his staff.  Jake’s list of community involvement speaks to his character. He was a CYO coach for over 15 years. He coached flag football, basketball, volleyball and basketball. Jake brought his level head and desire to teach when he coached Cuyahoga Falls Youth Soccer. He was a founding member of the CFASA- Cuyahoga Falls Alumni Soccer Association and has been a member of FOGS (Falls Old Guys Soccer) since 1998. Additionally, Jake has served as a precinct committee person and on the YMCA Board. Also, Jake is currently serving on the Western Reserve Hospital Community Business Leaders Council and Lemonade Day Judge for the past 3 years. He is a member of the Cuyahoga Falls Schools business advisory council and serves on the Building Our Future Council. Furthermore, Jake is very active in his church and is a member of his church’s finance council.  In addition, Jake supports many local non-profit organizations by attending and supporting their fundraising efforts and responding in their time of need.  I am honored to call Jake a colleague and friend and believe his service to our community is worthy of recognition.  Respectfully submitted by Kathy Romito.


Brent VanFossen, Metropolis Popcorn
My name is Brent VanFossen. I have been the owner of Metropolis Popcorn since October 2012. Throughout the past three years, I have enjoyed the variety of ways the business has allowed me to connect with others, whether it is through providing corporate gifts for fellow business leaders, or helping organizations earn money through our fundraising program. I joined the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce shorty after purchasing Metropolis in 2012. In 2014, I was appointed to a vacant seat on the Board of Directors. In December of the same year, I was honored when the Board elected me Secretary. Since that time, I have Chaired or Co-Chaired the Health Expo, Night at the Races, Nominating and Speakers committees. I have been married to my wife, Margaret, for 14 years. We have lived in Cuyahoga Falls since 2003. We have two beautiful daughters, Rachael and Eliza. Both girls attend Redeemer Christian School. In my spare time, I enjoy coaching softball, playing basketball and serving as an usher at church. Thank you for considering me as a candidate for the Board of Directors.


Newly Elected Board Members – 3 year term/ 2016 – 2018
Greg Cook, Foot Traffic Solutions
Greg Cook is the president of TGG Enterprises, Inc. which operates 3 online marketing companies:

  1. Foot Traffic Solutions – a full service internet marketing firm focused exclusively on local small businesses
  2. Small Business Leaders – online business publication, PR and expert positioning arm of TGGEI
  3. Veterans Care Advisors – sale of book Greg authored and consulting services for non-service connected disabled veterans

Greg began TGG Enterprises, Inc. in 2004 after retiring from a career in banking with his last position leading a 1 billion community bank headquartered in Pepper Pike, Ohio.  Greg’s success in community banking was a result of focusing on the real needs of the communities residents and local small businesses. Leaving the chase for the bigger business accounts to the major banks and instead meeting the small business needs resulted in above-peer growth. Focus was on creating numerous good jobs while being actively involved in community groups and events. After the bank was sold, Greg consulted with the YMCA and University Hospital to help complete over-budget joint projects and set in place the processes for a smooth transition of YMCA leadership to a new dynamic team to lead the Cleveland YMCA toward a stable and secure future. TGG Enterprises Inc was formed from Greg’s passion is to educate and advocate for local small business owners to effectively compete in the internet world and to thrive in the resulting complex marketplace when faced with limited marketing budgets. Viable local businesses owned by local residents is vital for strong communities. Greg is a graduate of Stow Munroe Falls High School and the University of Akron. He additionally has earned a masters and MBA from Baldwin Wallace, and advanced banking executive courses at Michigan State University. Greg has served on numerous corporate and non-profit boards in the past. Greg earned his Eagle Scout rank in 1973 and is active in his church, Christ Community Chapel. He is the proud father of two children; daughter Alyssa who is a lieutenant in the US Navy, and son Bobby who graduated last year from Kent State with an International Relations degree, speaks 5 languages and currently works in Argentina.


Mission Statement

The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce actively promotes partnership of business and community succeeding together.  Business. Community. Growth.

The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce has been in existence since 1926 and is located at 151 Portage Trail,
Suite 1, Cuyahoga Falls and Laura Petrella, CEO can be reached at
330-929 6756, info@cfchamber.com or www.cfchamber.com