2014 Award Recipients Announced – Business Person/Citizen/Business of the Year

2014 Award Recipients Announced – Business Person/Citizen/Business of the Year

Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce Announces
2014 Award Recipients for the:

2014 Business Person of the Year
2014 Member Business of the Year
2014 Citizen of the Year

 Congratulations to the following 2014 Award Recipients:

2014 Chamber Member Business Person of the Year
Kathy Romito, Western Reserve Hospital

2014 Chamber Member Business of the Year
Village Gardens Restaurant  

2014 Cuyahoga Falls Citizen of the Year
Carol Morganti, Cuyahoga Falls Resident


The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce accepted nominations for the 2014 Awards until April 4, 2014 at the Chamber office.

The winners were selected based on their business and personal achievements and contributions to Cuyahoga Falls which includes their volunteer work and efforts in the community and in the Chamber of Commerce.

All Chamber of Commerce Members were eligible to receive the Business Person of the Year Award and Member Business of the Year Award.  And all Chamber Members and Residents of Cuyahoga Falls were eligible to receive the Citizen of the Year Award.

Chamber CEO Laura Petrella says “These awards are the highest honor a person in Cuyahoga Falls can receive from the Chamber of Commerce.”

The following business leaders served on the 2014 Awards Committee for the Chamber of Commerce:
2014 Awards Chairperson
Marilyn McClure, AEDpeople

2014 Awards Committee
Jeff Iula, City of Cuyahoga Falls Council at Large Member
Diana Colavecchio, Attorney
John Friend, The Fedeli Group
Mike Michelli, Michelli Mechanical
The following Chamber of Commerce businesses sponsored the 2014 Awards Program:
Ohio Savings Bank
PAK Computers, Inc.
Rockin’ on the River
Shure Studios – Edward Arthur Shure
Valley Savings Bank
Wellness & Wealth by Choice
Western Reserve Hospital


Past Chamber of Commerce Awards Recipients:

1978                        Harold Wilson, Citizen

1979                        John Bender, Citizen

1980                        Boyd King, Citizen

1981                        —–

1982                        —–

1983                        Dell O’Dell, Citizen

1984                        Pat Miller, Citizen

1985                        Fran Santina, Citizen

1986                        Tim Thomas, Citizen

1987 / 1988             Jack Richard, Citizen

1988 / 1989             Barb White, Citizen

1989 / 1990             Gregg Wagner, Citizen

1991                        Sue Truby, Citizen

1992                        Don Dieterich, Citizen

1993                        Larry Brimlow, Citizen

1994                        Lowery Lockard-Jones, Citizen

1994                        Joe Lamusga, CF Replacement Windows, Business Person

1995                        Jackie Klag, Citizen

1995                        Phil First, Valley Savings Bank, Business Person

1996                        Lyle Forest, Citizen

1996                        Elias Karam, Karam & Simon Realty, Business Person

1997                        Ben Norval, Citizen

1997                        Chris Miner, Time Warner Cable, Business Person

1998                        Madeline Bozzelli, Citizen

1998                        George Winkelmann, Conrad Botzum Farm, Business Person

1999                        Richard Pierson, Citizen

1999                        Carol R. Morgan, Valley Savings Bank, Business Person

2000                        Fred Anthony, CF General Hospital, Business Person

2000                        Harry Heath, Citizen

2001                        Jack Hayes, Connecting Touch Therapy, Business Person

2001                        Bob Heath, Citizen

2002                        Janet Roberts, ERA Strecker Realty, Business Person
2002                        Don and Karen Nelsch, Citizens

2003                        Jack Litzel, CF City Schools, Business Person

2003                        Todd Caruthers, Citizen

2003                        Jeff Kline, Fun Services, Business Person

2004                        Tony Malorni, Citizen

2005                        Mayor Don L. Robart, City of Cuyahoga Falls, Business Person

2005                        Rolland Seguin, Citizen

2006                        Mary Stephan, Valley Savings Bank, Business Person

2006                        Richard Paddison, Citizen

2007                        Danny Karam, Karam Companies, Business Person

2007                        Liz Cross, Citizen

2008                        Kathleen Rice, Summa/Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital, Business Person

2008                        Joe House, Citizen

2009                        Bob Earley, Rockin’ on the River, Business Person

2009                        Jeff Iula, Citizen

2010                        Don Sitts, Don Sitts Auto Sales, Inc., Business Person

2010                        Tim Bullock, Citizen

2011                        Neoshred, Business of the Year

2011                        Bob Weinhardt, Toshiba Business Solutions, Business Person

2011                        Harrison Criss, Citizen

2012                        AG PrintPromo Solutions, Business of the Year

2012                        Yvonne and Richard Sebastian, Citizen

2012                        Larry Walters, Motortech Auto Center, Business Person

2013                        Valley Savings Bank, Business of the Year

2013                        David Sebastian, Citizen

2013                        Paul Testa, Testa Companies, Business Person of the Year


The 2014 award recipients will be honored at the Chamber Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, May 21 at the Sheraton Suites – Cuyahoga Falls from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm. Mayor Don Walters  will introduce and present the awards for the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce.

The luncheon speaker for the 2014 Awards is Steve Hailer, President, CEO, North Akron Savings Bank who will speak on “Leadership in Small Business”.

The May 21, 2014 Luncheon meeting is sponsored by Chamber Member Broadman Baptist Church.  The cost to attend is $18 for Chamber Members and $28 for Non-Chamber Members.  rsvp@cfchamber.com

The 2014 awards recipients will also have the opportunity to ride in the Chamber car/convertible donated for the day from our Chamber Member car dealers on Monday, May 26 at the Cuyahoga Falls Memorial Day Parade.

The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce has been in existence since 1926 and serves as the voice of business in Cuyahoga Falls and is located at 151 Portage Trail, Suite 1, Cuyahoga Falls and Laura A. Petrella, CEO can be reached at 330-929-6756 or info@cfchamber.com  and www.cfchamber.com


The mission statement of the Chamber is as follows: “The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce actively promotes partnership of business and community succeeding together.”  



Contact: Laura Petrella, CEO
151 Portage Trail, Suite 1
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221
p 330-929-6756