Chamber Mentor/Mentee Program

14 Jun Chamber Mentor/Mentee Program

  • The Business Mentor/Mentee Program was created by the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce‚Äôs Membership Committee to allow Chamber Member business leaders seeking free guidance from fellow experienced Chamber Member business leaders.
  • The Business Mentoring Program provides one-on-one free mentoring sessions on your own scheduled time from Chamber Member business leaders who are current Chamber Members in a leadership role, owner or management position, to a fellow Chamber Member business that may lack sufficient expertise and resources.
  • The Chamber Mentoring Program will pair Chamber Members who have experience to share and advice to give with individuals who are eager to receive it.
  • The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce is not responsible and releases all liability for any action that happens between a Chamber of Commerce Mentor/Mentee in our Business Mentor/Mentee Program.

This is a Cuyahoga Falls Chamber Members only program and free for Cuyahoga Falls Chamber Members to participate.
Contact Laura Petrella at 330-929-6756 to participate or for more information.